Advantage serves the Oklahoma City Metro and surrounding areas, providing quality guttering at a great price. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means only quality materials are used.


Advantage offers a range of gutters to suit your needs. We offer both 5 and 6 inch in K-Style or Half Round. Whether you’re interested in Aluminum or Copper our sales team can work with you to design a rain gutter system.

OGEE or K-Style Gutter has been the standard in the industry for many years. It is both durable and efficient at channeling water away from your home.gutter-k-style

With 5″ being an industry standard for years most home already have them installed. However when designing systems for customers we often recommend 6″ for larger homes. The larger size allows for greater water displacement and less downspouts.

gutter-half-round-300x123Half Round gutters are mostly found on historical homes or customers who prefer a classic look. Half Round adds an elegant touch and a distinctive design. This type of gutter also comes in a 6 inch size. Round Gutters look great in copper and can add a beautiful finishing touch.




Options & Add-ons


We carry a large selection of products to add a personal touch to your rain system. Adding small touches to your gutters can add a touch of elegance. Remember your gutter system doesn’t have to be unsightly or an afterthought. Our salesmen can work with you to design a system that accentuates the fine details of your home.

Here are just a few of the options we offer.

Decorative Conductor Heads


Decorative Conductor Heads can add functionality and detail to a home.


Ornamental Conductor Heads


Ornamental Conductor Heads not only add function but look great also.


Decorative Deflectors


Splash guards do not have to be boring. Our decorative valley splash guards can add detailed finishing touch.


Rain Chains




Rain Chains come in all shapes and sizes. Ask our salesmen about optional colors and designs.


We can provide many different accessories and options. If you do not see what you are looking for be sure to ask your salesman.


Gutter Guard


Gutter guards are designed to keep debris out of your gutters. Over time leaves and small debris can clog gutters causing overflow rendering your gutter system useless. Our complete line of guards can keep your gutters clean and flowing year round, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.



5″ or 6″ K Style Solid Gutter Guards













Roll Lock Guard






Tiger Guard






Step Lock






Gutter Screen




Rainwater Collector

Advantage carries a full line of products to help you collect and utilize rainwater. The average roof (1000 sq. ft.) will collect over 650 gallons of water with just 1 inch of rainfall. So even 1/8 inch of rain could refill an empty rain barrel.

Rainwater can be collected off the roof by rain gutters and directed into rain barrels. There the water can be stored and used for many non-potable uses such as watering your lawn or the foundation around your home.rain-barrel-and-hose

Rainwater collection protects our rivers, lakes, and streams from runoff pollution. Conserving water can reduce the consumption of water during the summer months when demands are the highest while providing un-chlorinated water for your plants.